Prima Porphyry

Why choose Prima Porphyry

Porphyry is one of the most valued paving and coating materials with architects who deal with urban spaces and landscape architecture. It is chosen for its physical characteristics and beautiful colour tones and its aesthetic value. Prima Porphyry is at the top end in terms of toughness, durability, resistance to frost, thermal shock, compression, bending, wear, for its low absorption levels and antiskid properties. This said, the main reasons for its use around the world are its beauty and elegance.

Londra – tiles natural cleft top sawn sides

Prima Porphyry Features

Porphyry is an ignimbrite, a lava rock, which is characterized by a natural stratification. The slabs of porphyry are extracted from the cleavage in the layers of rock. Such slabs are used for products with a natural surface (cobbles, slabs, tiles, crazy paving) which do not require further processing. The stone is simply cropped to give it the classic square or rectangular form. The material maintains its natural characteristics including its mixed colouring (gray/brown, purple/red, and rust). The larger pieces and those of a higher quality are suited to further processing. They are therefore transported to our workshops for the production of sawn pieces. One of the qualities of porphyry is that it can be worked in different ways. It is the only natural stone that can be offered with the following surfacing: natural cleft, sawn, polished, flamed, brushed and honed.

Modern and Elegant

Porphyry is the ideal stone for those seeking modern and innovative ideas. It is versatile and goes well with other materials. Wood, glass, steel and other natural stones all blend in nicely with our Prima Porphyry. These combinations are perfect both for civil and landscape architecture having the ability to integrate with the surrounding environment. Prima Porphyry is ideal for the refurbishing of urban spaces for it offers functional and durable solutions which at the same time are beautiful and refined.

Leicester – Tasselating tiles natural cleft top sawn sides


The colour of our Prima Porphyry is varied and ranges from grey/brown to purple/red and rust. This particular colouring is due to its formation and the intrusion of oxides. Our Prima Porphyry is appreciated for its chromatic range. We can talk about the porphyry “leaning” towards grey or red but cannot pinpoint a specific colour, unless a specific request is made, because a single piece can show different nuances.