Stonegroup: Trentino porphyry with passion.

Why us

We are a very experienced firm with a longstanding tradition and active in the extraction and processing market of Trentino porphyry since 1966.
Our Prima Porphyry is produced in our two plants of Albiano and Lavis/Trento. We are able to produce the widest complete range of porphyry products with natural cleft or worked surfaces.

We are leaders in the production of sawn products, including ones of great thickness, which are ideal for meeting the modern day demand for a high quality, elegant material which at the same time is resistant and reliable even when being used for paving squares, streets and trafficked areas where the use of solid material makes the difference.
Reliability, expertise and the quality of our material are what distinguish us and made our firm the first choice for prestigious projects in Europe, the USA, Japan and Australia allowing us to make our made in Italy Prima Porphyry known and appreciated worldwide.

Glasgow – tiles natural cleft top sawn sides

Cogolo di Pejo- tiles natural cleft top sawn sides

Urban landscaping and architecture

Landscape architecture and urban spaces are two areas in which our professionalism is highly regarded and where we know how to leave our mark. In the latter, a key element is the versatility and the colour of Prima Porphyry, which is highlighted when used for green areas and combined with other natural elements; in the former, along with the beauty and fine features, what is truly appreciated are its technical characteristics. Our role is to bring our experience to bear and propose solutions which are stylish and elegant yet solid and durable and produce and supply the Prima Porphyry of the right type and thickness to meet these demands. These skills have been appreciated by architect studios and firms of international renown.

Eco - Friendly

We are an eco-friendly business. Our products are made using renewable energy.
We contribute to safeguarding the environment by reducing CO2 emissions for 1,062 tons per year.
Where possible we favour rail transport for the delivery of our products

Lavis/Trento plant – Photovoltaic system